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Hero Pit Bull Saves Deaf Owner In House Fire [VIDEO]

No surprise to us bully fans! Advertisements

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Disfunctional dog behavior

Dogs have their own personalities (dogonalities?), likes and dislikes, but as their owners and constant companions, we have great influence over them.  Sometimes the behavior we think is cute is actually disfunctional. A potential client called me while I was making dinner to … Continue reading

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Therapy dog or Service dog?

It’s hot. July in central Florida hot, and I am scrunched under a breezeless tent in the only patch of shade available. My dog, Mac, pants at my feet, nearly shoulder to shoulder with about ten other dog/owner teams waiting … Continue reading

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Want to get healthy? Your dog can help.

Exercise reduces stress, and what better motivator than those big eyes pleading for a walk? British researchers surveyed 5,000 participants and found that dog owners exercised up to eight hours per week more than non-dog owners frequenting health clubs. 86% … Continue reading

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Home for the Holidays- Please Wipe Your Paws

Expecting family this holiday season? Welcoming a caravan of relatives can be a chore or a joy, depending on your point of view. When relatives insist on bringing ‘Fluffy’, their eighty pound labradoodle, your to-do list just got longer. You … Continue reading

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What a nice ‘Guy’

I usually went the same way to work each day, straight east on Webster Street just five blocks from my house. The dogs would hear my car pull up and undertake raucous barking that shook the walls. That particular day … Continue reading

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How I met my ‘Mac’- more stories from 20 years of dog training

My lovely shepherd mix, ‘Bella’, had left us over six months earlier at the age of eight. Her illness progressed and we had to say good-bye. The hefty emotional toll numbed us for some time, but gradually I got the … Continue reading

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