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Disfunctional dog behavior

Dogs have their own personalities (dogonalities?), likes and dislikes, but as their owners and constant companions, we have great influence over them.  Sometimes the behavior we think is cute is actually disfunctional. A potential client called me while I was making dinner to … Continue reading

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How I met my ‘Mac’- more stories from 20 years of dog training

My lovely shepherd mix, ‘Bella’, had left us over six months earlier at the age of eight. Her illness progressed and we had to say good-bye. The hefty emotional toll numbed us for some time, but gradually I got the … Continue reading

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Kids and Dogs- What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A good relationship between our kids and the family dog makes for playful days on the lawn and contented evenings in the family room. Have you studied your dog’s body language as he interacts with your children? Continue reading

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