Hero Pit Bull Saves Deaf Owner In House Fire [VIDEO]

No surprise to us bully fans!

1025 KSFM

We know that Pit Bull’s get a bad name in the press a lot but this Pit named Ace is a hero! See how he saved a deaf teenager from a house fire!

Aol.com says that a 2-year-old Pit Bull named Rex started licking his 13-year-old owners face while he was sleeping. The boy is deaf and didn’t have his hearing aids in to hear the fire alarm going off.

“My dog licked my face and woke me up. I was like, `Stop it! What? You want to be fed?’ I thought he wanted to be fed or go outside.”

The dog didn’t stop licking the boys face until he was up and realized that there was a fire.

The boys mom says:

“It’s amazing, because if he wouldn’t have been there, he probably wouldn’t have even woke up”

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I'm a certified dog trainer and on-camera spokesperson. Television appearances include news stories on NBC, ABC, and WGN both live and taped stories about dogs and their welfare, plus appearances on 'The Balancing Act' and 'Designing Spaces', both on Lifetime TV. My DVD for kids and dogs, entitled 'Drool School' won a Parents' Choice Foundation Award. I am D.A.R.T. certified by the Humane Society of the United States for disaster animal response, and I travelled to the Gulf Coast to help with pet rescue after Hurricane Katrina.
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One Response to Hero Pit Bull Saves Deaf Owner In House Fire [VIDEO]

  1. Jack Bobeck says:

    Great information Amy, we operate a dog daycare facility in Jacksonville, FL and I look forward to more great posts about you and your offerings. – Jack

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